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Family History

I have been working on our family history for several years and am still adding family pictures on a daily basis to my ancestry files.  Below are some of the pictures I have added.

Family History

Bob Clark - my mum’s father.

From left: My mums mother Elsie, my mum, and Auntie Em

From left: Auntie Em, my mum, and Uncle Frank

My great Grandfather - Walter Stean

Bob and Elsie


Bob and Elsie - 1921

Bob and Fred

Bob Clark - Mum’s brother

Mum and her Dad in 1937

Bob aged 4 months

Alan, Mum and Annie Blanche


Will, Annie Blanche, Maud and Lily.

Mum,Bob and Alan with Annie Blanche

Richard Edwin Lusher - 4 months old


Alan Haysman

Mum with Uncle Will, Fred and Alan

Birth notice for Richard Edwin Lusher

Richard Lusher

Needs identification!

Baby at Margate - probably Bob

Mum and Bob - 31 July 1930

Fred Coker

Announcement of the birth of Judith - 24 Sep 1948

Rachel and Fred at home

Grandma and Grandad Lusher

Lily and Nina

Mum and Wally with Jenny Flower in the front

Uncle Frank with Em and Elsie

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