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My Grandfather (Dad’s Dad) served in the Royal Navy during WW1 and he served on a ship called HMS Forward.  He and his wife Mary had two sons - my Dad (see the link to My Dad and 355 Squadron) and my Uncle Wally (Walter Stean), who served, until his retirement, in the Army.  I dont remember very much about Mary as she died whilst I was still very young.

My Grandmother (Mum’s side) opened a shop at 41 King Henry's Walk with her husband Robert George William Clark who operated as a 'Tally' Man. With the success of this shop - they bought a further property 61 Southgate Road, Islington. They had two children, my mother , and her older brother Robert Clark (Bob), but her father died whilst my mother was young.   Some years later, my Mum’s Mum married my Dad’s Dad and it is this couple that I refer to as Grandma and Grandad!

After my Grandma and Grandad got married, they lived in the family house in Baldwyn's Park in Kent. I used to love coming back to this house, it was so interesting after being in flats in Hong Kong. My Grandfather was a very keen gardener and I used to catch hedgehogs (helped by my brothers beagle dog Judy) and keep them in a small shed at the end of the garden. One year, a big Dene hole opened up at the end of the garden (see pictures below). Although I never saw it as we were in Hong Kong at the time, there were some pictures taken by my brother who went down the hole to investigate it - see the picture below!! The picture is below. Our house had a bedroom extension that had windows on three sides, and it  was called the ice-well (I wonder why). My brother and I, over our teen-age years spent time moving in and out of the house - and the ice-well often ended up as my bedroom. My brothers beagle - Judy - was the bane of my Grandma's life - and her favourite saying of all time was 'Gates open - dog’s gone!!' - Judy being a bit of an escape artist. My Grandad smoked a pipe - and it seemed he was almost constantly lighting it.  Of course all the ash and tobacco from the pipe went all over the floor as he puffed, leaving small burns all over the carpet, for which he was always being told off.

My Grandma had diabetes and had to watch her diet.  My Grandad however was very predictable and was very put out if he didn't get his bacon for breakfast.  My Grandma died in 1977.

My Grandad was a very proud member of the Ancient Order of Foresters and towards the end of his life lived in an excellent sheltered housing complex run by the Foresters in Bexleyheath.

Jack and Elsie

My lovely Grandma - Elsie!

My Grandad - Jack

Jack in his garden in Baldwyns Park with Judy.!

The Dene hole that opened up at the end of the garden at Bexley

Grandad dancing with me!

Grandma and Grandad with my Dad, Bob, Jenny and Rob. (Not sure what is growing out the top of Bob’s head!)

My Grandma at Bexley.

Grandad, Grandma, me, Jenny in Bob’s arms, Rob and John in the front with Judy.

Grandad with Sam.

View across the road at Bexley.  We did not want the high speed link in our back yard!

Grandad (with straw hat) with his friends at the Forester’s on Fete Day

Grandad in Hong Kong

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