PS Mavis

The Ship

Paddle Steamer Mavis GSN Yarmouth

This is a "Classical Bird" steamer, probably PS Mavis. Mavis (the song thrush), was the second of the GSN Co's famous "Classical Birds" steamers. Originally sporting two masts, she was similar to her sisters, although there were subtle differences in the paddle box design, funnels and lifeboat positioning. Capable of a respectable 17 knots, she provided service on the River Thames and to the East Coast. After the introduction of PS Golden Eagle she was taken out of service in August 1909 and was sold in August 1910 to Pockett's for use on the Bristol Channel from Swansea. She is shown here in GSN Co colours of buff funnel with black top. Mavis was not reliable and although there was talk of new boilers being fitted she was scrapped in 1915 at Briton Ferry.

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Belived to be Mavis - notes made on rear of card in pencil


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