HMS Victorious


The Ship

Scrapped 1922

HMS Victorious of the Majestic Class battleships of the Royal Navy.

HMS Victorious was built at Chatham Dockyard and laid down on the 28th May 1894, launched 19th October 1895 and commissioned into the Royal Navy in November 1896. HMS Victorious went to the China station between 1898 and 1900 and then to the Mediterranean 1900 - 1903. She then served in the Atlantic Station until 1906, returning back to the Chatham and the Home Fleet in 1907. In March 1909, with a reduced crew, she was refitted to burn oil fuel and had radio and fire control added. In April 1909 she became Flagship of the Nore Division for a short period, but In June 1910 she was involved in a collision with HMS Majestic in the fog, sustaining some damage. In January 1911 to May 1912 she transferred to Devonport Division and after this joined the third Division, undergoing refit in December 1913.

Armament: four 12 inch guns, twelve 6 inch guns, sixteen 12 pdr guns, twelve 3 pdr guns, 2 maxims, two 2pdr boat guns and five torpedo tubes. Displacement: 14,900 tons. Speed: 16.5 knots. Complement: 757.

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Postally used 28 Feb 1905. Should have been at letter rate of 1d, but was sent at 1/2d, except that the other 1/2d was put on the front of the card and was ignored by the postal authorities.

T = Postage due. 5 = 5 centimes overdue doubled to 10 to be paid. Thus french postage due stamp, cancelled 2 Mar 1905 in Perigueux


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