HMS Sutlej (HMS Sutlez)

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1919

Shipbuilder: Clydebank Engineering & Shipbuilding Company
Launched: 18 November 1899
Built: 1899
Ship Type: Cruiser

Length 440 feet pp 472 feet overall, beam 69 feet 6 inches, draught 26 feet, displacement 12,000 tons load.

2 shaft triple expansion engines, 21,000 ihp, 21 knots


Sutlej 21,261 ihp = 21.77 knots

6-2in belt, 6in barbettes, 6in turret faces, 3-1in decks

2 x 9.2in Mk VIII (2 x 1), 12 x 6in Mk VII (12 x 1), 3 x 3pounder (3 x 1), 2 x 18in TT

Service includes:

9th Cruiser Squadron Grand Fleet.
February 1915 11th Cruiser Squadron Ireland.
February 1916 Santa Cruz.
September 1916 9th Cruiser Squadron West Africa
1917 Accommodation ship at Rosyth.
January 1918 Re-named Crescent II as Depot ship at Rosyth.
1919 Sold for scrap.

My Postcards

Belived misprint of HMS Sutlej

Postally used 10 Jun 1905


Postcard series: Valentine's, Naval Series


Postally used 14 Apr 1904
Postcard series: Meade-Gibbs, The Meade-Gibbs Series


Posted Bristol 17 Jan 1905 - Cancelled 2 Mile Hill also 17 Jan 05.

This card has the publishers name printed on the rear of the card, whereas the identical print - elsewhere on this page - does not.
Postcard series: Ruddock Ltd, Newcastle


Not postallly used but has the name 'Maudie' written in pencil on the reverse.
Postcard series: Meade-Gibbs, The Meade-Gibbs Series


Postally used 16 Sep 03.
Postcard artist: G West & Son, Southsea.


Postally used 24 Dec 1905.


Postally used 23 Aug 1905.
Postcard series: Gale & Polden Ltd, Wellington Series


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