HMS Jupiter

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Sold for Scrap 1920

HMS Jupiter was a Royal Naval battleship of the Majestic Class. HMS Jupiter joined the Commissioned Reserve at Portsmouth in August 1905 and became part of the Home Fleet in 1908. In 1909 - 1910 she was refitted with fire control and became gunnery TS at the Nore. She became part of the 3rd Fleet at Pembroke and Devonport in January 1913. At the outbreak of World War One she joined the 7th Battle Squadron as guard ship for the Humber. In 1915 HMS Jupiter was sent to Archangel as an ice breaker, and became the first ship to arrive there so early in the year in February. Returning to the Channel Fleet in 1915, she then served in the East Indies and Egypt before becoming an accommodation ship in 1918.

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2 ships HMS Hague and HMS Jupiter
No information on HMS Hague believed postcard actually should refer to HMS Hogue


Postally used 30 Jun 1904.
Postcard series: Wrench Series
Series number: 2358


Postally used 24 Dec 1905.


Postally used 29 Feb 1912.
Postcard series: Ruddock Ltd, Newcastle


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