HMS Terrible

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1932

HMS Terrible was one of the largest cruisers in the world during the 1890's. The Terrible was built by the Thompson, at Clydebank and laid down in 1894, and launched on the 27th May 1895. HMS Terrible, along with her sister ship HMS Powerful, were built to compete against the New Russian Cruisers, Rurik and Rossiya, which were the largest and longest warships built at the time. HMS Terrible and her sister ship HMS Powerful were very expensive to build costing twice the cost of the Edger class built two to three years earlier. HMS Terrible started service in the China Station and in 1899 became famous for landing naval brigades (along with HMS Powerful) at the cape to to take part in the relief of Ladysmith during the Boer war. She went into refit in 1902 until 1904 ,when she went into the reserve fleet. She was used for troop ship in 1915 and from 1915 she was used as a accommodation ship until the late 1920s when she was renamed TS Fishgard III. She was scrapped in 1932.

Displacement: 14,200 tons, Speed: 22 Knots, Compliment: 894 Armament: Two 9.2 inch guns, Twelve 6-inch guns, Sixteen 12 pdr, QF. Twelve 3 pounder QF, Four 18 -inch Torpedo Tubes (submerged)

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Postally used 30 Mar 1915
Postcard series: Rotary Photographic
Postcard number: 725 E


Postally used 30 Dec 1903
Postcard series: Wrench Series
Postcard number: 2352


Not postally used.
Postcard series: Milton, Elite-Glazette
Series number: 48


Not postally used.
Postcard series: Ernest Nister
Series number: 64


Postally used 17 April 1912. Mentions "What a bad accident the Titanic" - which sank 3 days before this was posted.


This card, although printed as HMS Powerful, has the legend "No Terrible" enscribed on the reverse. As HMS Terrible and HMS Powerful were sister ships, they were very similar. Can anyone confirm which ship this is?
Postcard series: Abrahams Devonport


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