HMS Newcastle

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1959

HMS Newcastle (Southampton Class) was built by Vickers Armstrong and launched laid down on the 4th October 1934, launched 23rd January 1936, and completed 5th march 1937. Served in the Home Fleet 1939 to 1941, transferring to the Atlantic fleet 1941 to 1942, then to the eastern Fleet 1942- 1944, and again moving to the East Indies 1944-1945, until returning to the Home Fleet late in 1945. She was scrapped at Faslane, Scotland 19th August 1959.

Specifications for HMS Newcastle, HMS Southampton, HMS Birmingham, HMS Glasgow

Displacement: 9,100 tons Speed: 32kt Complement: 700

Armament: Twelve 6 inch guns in threes. Eight 4 inch anti-aircraft guns in pairs and eight 2pdr anti-aircraft guns in pairs as well as eight 0.5 inch machine guns in fours. Six 21 inch torpedo tubes in threes and 3 aircraft.

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