HMS Hannibal

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1920

HMS Hannibal was a Royal Naval battleship of the Majestic Class. She was refitted and converted to burn oil fuel as well as being fitted with fire control in 1906. Recommissioned in the Channel Fleet Reserve in October 1906 and transferred to Devonport as part of the Home Fleet in July 1907, she remained there until 1914. During this time, in August 1909, she struck a submerged reef off the Devonshire coast. She also collided with TB105 in October that same year. She was refitted and served as guard ship of the Humber from 1914 and later went to Scapa Flow. She was then converted to a troop ship, being disarmed at Dalmuir to provide 12in turrets for Prince Eugene and Sir John Moore, moving to the Mediterranean in September 1915. From 1916 - 1919 HMS Hannibal served in the East Indies and in Egypt, and was sold in January 1920.

Armament: four 12 inch guns, twelve 6 inch guns, sixteen 12 pdr guns, twelve 3 pdr guns, 2 maxims, two 2pdr boat guns and five torpedo tubes. Displacement: 14,900 tons. Speed: 16.5 knots. Complement: 757.

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