HMS Africa

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1920

HMS Africa was a Royal Naval battleship of the King Edward VII Class. Launched 20th May 1905, she joined the Atlantic Fleet after completion in November 1906. In February 1907, she transferred to the general fleet, and in April 1909 joined 2nd division of Home Fleet. In August 1911, HMS Africa became the flag ship to the 3rd and 4th divisions of the Home Fleet and was brought back to full commission with the 3rd Battle Squadron in May 1912. In August 1914, along with the 3rd Battle Squadron, she joined The Grand Fleet (the 3rd battle squadron became known as the Wobbly Eight) and in May 1916, she left Scapa Flow to go to the Nore. In 1917, she was refitted - which included replacing a six inch main deck battery with four 6 inch a deck higher. She joined the 9th Cruiser Squadron until November 1918 and became an accommodation ship in April 1919. HMS Africa was sold for scrap 30th June 1920.

Armament: Four 4inch guns in pairs, four 9.2 inch guns in singles, ten 6 inch guns in pairs, fourteen 12 pdr guns, fourteen 3 pdr guns, two maxims and five torpedo tubes. Displacement: 16,350 tons. Speed: 18 knots. Complement: 777.

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Postally used 26 Jan 1914.
Postcard series: Boots Cash Chemists, Real Photograph Series


Postally used 1918. Month indistinct.
Postcard series: Photochrom Co Ltd, Britain Prepared
Series number: 19


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