HMS King Edward VII


The Ship

Mined and sunk 6 January 1916

HMS King Edward VII was a Royal Naval battleship of the King Edward VII Class. Built at Devonport dock yard and laid down on 8th March 1902 as part of the 1901-1902 naval programme. Launched 23rd July 1903 and completed February 1905. She had ongoing repairs during 1906 and in March 1907 was recommissioned as Flagship for the Channel Fleet. She became Flagship to Vice Admiral of the 2nd division Home Fleet in March 1909 until June 1911 when she was relieved by HMS Hercules. HMS King George VII went to the Nore with reduced crew in August 1911 as flagship Vice Admiral for the 3rd and 4th divisions. In May 1912 she joined the 3rd battle squadron for a short period in the Mediterranean before becoming flagship for Vice Admiral Bradford as flagship 3rd Battle squadron. On the 6th January 1916, HMS King Edward VII was mined off Cape Wrath. With both engine rooms flooded HMS King Edward VII capsized 12 hours later and sunk.

Armament: Four 4inch guns in pairs, four 9.2 inch guns in singles, ten 6 inch guns in pairs, fourteen 12 pdr guns, fourteen 3 pdr guns, two maxims and five torpedo tubes. Displacement: 16,350 tons. Speed: 18 knots. Complement: 777.

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