HMS Ocean


The Ship

Mined and sunk 18 March 1915

HMS Ocean was a Royal Naval battleship of the Canopus Class. HMS Ocean was built at Devonport Dockyard, laid down 15th February 1897, launched 5th July 1898 and completed in February 1900. She served most of her early years in the China Station and returning to the UK in 1905 following the Anglo-Japanese Alliance and in January 1906 she joined the Channel fleet until June 1908 then moving to the Mediterranean. She went into refit in 1908 - 1909 when she was refitted with fire control. In February 1910 she joined the Home Fleet's 4th Division at Nore and in 1913 she was stationed at Pembroke. On the outbreak of World War One she joined the 8th Battle Squadron on the 14th August and went to Queenstown then moving to the East Indies in September. HMS Ocean took part in the Persian Gulf operations in October 1914, then moving to the Mediterranean where she was sent to the Dardanelle's in February 1915 and on the 18th March 1915 she was damaged by gunfire then hit a floating mine. The crew abandoned ship at 19:30 and HMS Ocean sank three hours later.

Displacement: 12,950 tons. Length: 410 ft. Beam: 74 ft. Draught: 26.5 ft. Complement: 750. Armament: four 12 ins guns, twelve 6 ins guns, ten 3 ins guns, six 3 pounder guns and two maxims with four torpedo tubes.

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