HMS Triumph


The Ship

Torpedoed and sunk 1 February 1915

HMS Triumph was launched 15th January 1903.

HMS Triumph, a Royal Naval battleship of the Swiftsure Class, built by Vickers, was laid down as the Brazilian battleship LIBERTAD. Launched 15/1/1903, purchased and renamed HMS TRIUMPH,3/12/1903. She was with the Channel Fleet until being transferred in March 1909 to the Mediterranean. In May 1912, she joined the 3rd Fleet at the Nore. In April 1913, HMS Triumph relieved HMS Tamare at Hong Kong. At the outbreak of World War One, HMS Triumph was re-commissioned using crews from various gunboats, and took part in operations against Tsing Tao supported by Japanese ships. Transferred to the Mediterranean between January and February 1915, she took part in the bombardment of the Dardanelles' forts. While bombarding Gaba Tepe, she was torpedoed by the German u-boat U-21 and within half and hour she had capsized and sunk with the loss of 73 men.

Armament: four 10 inch guns in pairs, fourteen 7.5 inch guns in singles, fourteen 14 pdr guns, two 2 pdr guns, four maxims and two torpedo tubes. Displacement: 11,800. Complement: 700. Speed: 20 knots.

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