HMS Conqueror

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1922

Royal naval battleships HMS Conqueror, HMS Orion, HMS Monarch and HMS Thunderer

These ships were the first "super-dreadnoughts" in the Royal Navy, and all four ships fought at the The Battle of Jutland. The ships remained in service after the end of the great war but were discarded under the terms of the Washington Treaty. HMS Orion and HMS Conqueror were scrapped on 19th December 1922. HMS Monarch was used as a target ship and was finally sunk by shelling in January 1925. HMS Thunderer was used as a cadet training ship from 1921 until being sold for scrap on 17th December 1926.

Displacement 22,600 tons Speed 21.0 knots Compliment 750 and up to 1,100 during wartime. Armament: Ten 13.5-inch guns in pairs. and sixteen 4 -inch guns One 3 inch Anti Aircraft Gun before 1917 thereafter one 4-inch anti aircraft gun was added.

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