HMS Colossus

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1928

HMS Colossus was built by Scotts of Greenock and launched on the 9th of April 1910 and commissioned into the Royal Navy on the 8th August 1911. HMS Colossus joined the 2nd Division of the Home Fleet and the 2nd Battle Squadron between May and December 1912 and in August 1914 she became Flagship to the 1st battle squadron. She fought at The Battle of Jutland under the command of Admiral Sir John Jellicoe being the only ship under his command to be damaged by two hits, with five crew casualties. After The Great War, HMS Colossus became a cadet training ship in September 1921 and eventually sold for scrapping in August 1928.

Displacement 20,350 tons Speed 21.5 knots Compliment 750 and up to 800 during wartime
Armament. Ten 12-inch guns in pairs. and sixteen 4 -inch guns Two 3 inch Anti Aircraft Guns.

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