HMS New Zealandia

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1921

Built Portsmouth Dockyard, laid down February 1903, completed July 1905, cost 1,424,643.
Originally named HMS New Zealand, she was renamed HMS New Zealandia on 1 December 1911.

Service includes:

1 December 1911 renamed Zealandia to release name for the battlecruiser New Zealand.
3rd Battle Squadron Grant Fleet .
Squadron used in support of cruisers on Northern Patrol.
10 September 1914 Rammed a German submarine in the North Sea.
December 1915-January 1916 Eastern Mediterranean.
February-March 1916 refitted at Portsmouth.
26 March 1616 rejoined Grand Fleet
29 April 1916 moved to Sheerness under Nore Command.
December 1916-June 1917 refit at Chatham.
January-September 1918 refitted at Portsmouth as gunnery training ship and used for trials.
September 1918 paid off.
1921 sold for scrap.

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