HMS Victory

The Ship

1st rate Ship of the Line HMS Victory built at Chatham Dockyard and launched 7th May 1765. Rebuilt 1801 and preserved 1922 at Portsmouth. HMS Victory is a first rate 100 gun ship with thirty 42 pdrs on the gun deck, twenty-eight 24 pdrs mid-deck, thirty 12 pdrs on upper deck and ten six pdrs on the quarter deck and two on Forecastle. HMS Victory was Admiral Horatio Nelson's Flagship at the battle of Trafalgar.

My Postcards

Postally used 30 Mar 1905. The postcard shows HMS Hannibal with HMS Victory afloat in the distance.
Postcard series: Cardinal


Postally used 28 May 1905.
Postcard series: Ruddock Ltd, Newcastle


Postally used 4 April 1905


Postally used 27 Aug 1908
Postcard series: Tuck's, Oilette - Our Ironclads
Series number: IV
Postcard number: 9109


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