HMS Illustrious

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1920

Built Chatham Dockyard, laid down March 1895, completed April 1898, cost 952,195.
Length 399 feet waterline 421 feet overall, beam 75 feet, draught 27 feet, displacement 14,980 load 15,630 tons deep.

2 shaft Vertical Triple Expansion, 10,000 ihp, 16 knots

9in belt, 14in barbettes, 10in gun houses, 4-2.5in decks

4 x 12in 35 cal BL (2 x 2), 12 x 6in QF (12 x 1), 16 x 12pounder QF (16 x 1), 12 x 2pounder (12 x 1), 5 x 18in TT

7th Battle Squadron Channel Fleet.
November 1915 paid off for harbour and accommodation duties.
November 1916 ammunition ship.
1920 sold for scrap.

My Postcards

Undivided back
Postally used from Cape of Good Hope South Africa. Posted 4 Jan 1903.(Middelburg)

Embossed card - designed in England.
Postcard series: Tuck's, Empire Postcard
Postcard number: 251


Undivided back
Postally used 15 Jul 1918. Posted Leytonstone E11.
Postcard series: Gale & Polden Ltd


Postally used 10 August 1910.

Writer states - 'this is a photo of my ship' and signed by 'your sweetheart Sidney'.
Postcard series: Weeks & Gimblett


Undivided back
Not postally used.
Postcard series: Gale & Polden Ltd


Undivided back
Postally used - Kings Heath 5 Nov 1900
Postcard series: Tuck's, Empire
Postcard number: 251


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