HMS Antrim


The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1922

HMS Antrim started her service with the 1st Cruiser Squadron in the Channel Fleet but moved to the 2nd Cruiser Squadron in March 1907. In September the next year HMS Antrim joined the Atlantic Fleet and then served with the Home Fleet in the 3rd Division at Nore in April 1909. In December 1912 she became flagship to the Rear-Admiral in the 3rd Cruiser Squadron before joining The Grand Fleet in August 1914 and capturing a German merchant ship that same month. She survived a u-boat attack on 9th October and two years later in June she was sent to Archangel before being sent to the American and West Indies Station. HMS Antrim was put into reserve at the Nore in 1919 but was refitted as a wireless and Asdic trials ship and recommissioned in March 1920.

She was then used as a Cadet Training Ship in 1922 before being sold for breaking in December 1922.

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