HMS Bedford

The Ship

Ran aground and wrecked 21 August 1910

In response to the number of amoured cruisers being built by Germany, France and The United States, The Royal Navy ordered the 10 cruisers of the Monmouth Class Class, over the naval programmes of 1898, 1899 and 1900. These ships were planned to have the same speed as the Drake Class, but be smaller and so be cheaper to build, they also had the same armour arrangement as the Cressy Class but the armour was of a reduced thickness. These differences made these ships inadequate to fulfill their functions and were considered by many to be second rate cruisers. They were good steamers but due to the weight of their turrets, they pitched heavily in bad weather. All the class served in Home waters except HMS Lancaster and HMS Monmouth which served in the Mediterranean. From 1906 all the ships were dispersed to overseas stations.

HMS Bedford ran aground and was wrecked in the China Sea on 21 August 1910.

Displacement: 9800 tons, Speed: 23 knots. Compliment: 678 Armament: Fourteen 6 inch Quick firing guns, , ten 12 pdr QF guns, Three 3 pdr QF and Two 18-nch torpedo tubes submerged.

My Postcards

Postally used 12 Jan 1911 - some 5 months after HMS Bedford had been wrecked.

Postcard series: Tuck's, Oilette - Our Ironclads
Series number: II
Postcard number: 9082


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