HMS Russell


The Ship

Mined and sunk 27 April 1916

Royal Naval battleship of the Duncan Class. HMS Russell was built at Hull. She was in the Home Fleet from April 1906 and then transferred to the Atlantic Fleet in February the next year. HMS Russell then served with the Atlantic Fleet in 1909, returning home in August of 1912. In 1913 she joined the 2nd Fleet at Nore. She became flagship with the The Grand Fleet in 1914 with the 6th Battle Squadron and then moved to the 3rd battle squadron to take part in northern patrols. HMS Russell joined the Channel Fleet in November 1914 when at Portland, and after bombarding the coast of Belgium was sent to the Dardanelles. She stayed at Mudros as support alongside HMS Hibernia in November 1915 but eventually took part in the evacuation on 7th January 1916. HMS Russell was mined on 27th April 1916 just off the coast of Malta with the loss of over 100 lives.

Armament: Four 12 inch guns in turrets, twelve 6 inch guns, twelve 3 inch guns, six 3 pdr guns, two maxims and four torpedo tubes. Displacement: 14,000 tons. Speed: 19 knots. Complement: 750. Length: 405 ft. Breadth: 75.5 ft. Depth: 27.25 ft.

Roll of Honour

"Lest we forget"

Their name liveth for evermore

Thomas Maurice Ault - AB, H.M.S. Russell , Royal Navy, Flagship Med.Fleet. Died Thursday 27 April 1916, aged 19.

CRD Palmer - Chief Stoker 299617, H.M.S Russell, Royal Navy, Flagship Med. Fleet. Died Thursday 27th April 1916. Buried Malta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery.

Bertie William Knights - Boy 1st Class J/32333, Royal Navy. H.M.S. Russell . Died 27/04/1916. Age 17. Son of Samuel and Elizabeth Knights of Aldeburgh. Native of Hazelwood. Commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial.

Percy Allen Peck - Boy 1st Class, Royal Navy. H.M.S. Russell . Died 27/04/1916. Age 17. Son of Emma Peck of Aldeburgh and the late Amos Peck. Commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial.

Nicol Charles - Smn. R N. H.M.S. "Russell". Home & Cenotaph Lybster. Lost at sea 27/04/16.

McPake - Able Seaman

William Henry LEONARD, Art. Eng., Died 27/4/1916 H.M.S Russell

Albert Edward Butterworth - Pte, R.M.L.I. Died 27/4/1916 H.M.S Russell

Walter H. May - Seaman, Died 27/4/1916 H.M.S Russell

George LAWRENCE - Boy 1st Class J/30489, Royal Navy HMS Russell. Died 27/04/1916. Age 17. Son of George and Harriet Lawrence of Duck Corner, Hollesley. Commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial.

STUART FROST - A/Pay'm, H.M.S. Russell.

Albert E Butterworth - CH/18668, Private, Royal Marines Light Infantry. HMS Russell. Died 27th April 1916.

Thomas L Marsh - Acting Lieutenant. HMS Russell. Born in Gibraltar in 1896 he was commissioned in 1914. Refused entry into the harbour due to her late night arrival on 25th April 1916, HMS Russell was forced to circle off shore. She had come from the Dardanelles. On the following morning when she was preparing to enter Grand Harbour through what was thought to be a mine-swept channel, she hit two mines which had recently been laid by the German submarine U-73. The ship remained afloat for about twenty minutes before capsizing. Of the 720 crew, 124 lost their lives including most of the officers. Eighteen bodies were recovered and brought ashore for Naval burial. He was picked up from the sea and taken to Bighi Royal Naval Hospital where he died 27th April 1916 from shock and poisoning. Buried in Kalkara Naval Cemetery.

Ernest Albert Raysbrook - 305485, was born in Dover in 1885. He lost his life on 28th April 1916, and is buried at the Malta Capuccini Naval Cemetery. He was a 1st class Stoker in the Royal Navy, last serving on the HMS Russell.

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