HMS Mars

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1921

HMS Mars of the Majestic Class battleships. Mars served with the Channel Fleet in the winter of 1906 and again in 1907. At the outbreak of WW1 she served with the 4th Division of the Home Fleet. Mars then served as a guardship in the Humber in August 1914. With her turrets removed at Belfast she became a transport ship and covered the evacuations of Anzac and Cape Helles in January 1916. HMS Mars was finally sold for breaking May 1921.

Armament: four 12 inch guns, twelve 6 inch guns, sixteen 12 pdr guns, twelve 3 pdr guns, 2 maxims, two 2pdr boat guns and five torpedo tubes. Displacement: 14,900 tons. Speed: 16.5 knots. Complement: 757.

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Postally used 28 Apr 1909.
Postcard series: B.B. London, Series No G 10


Postally used 28 June 1907
Postcard series: Rotary Photographic
Postcard number: 3947 A


Postally used 12 Sep 1905.


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