HMS Flirt


The Ship

Torpedoed and sunk 27 October 1916

On the night of the 26th/27th "Flirt" (Lt R Kellett with a crew of about 80) left Dover around 20.00hrs and two hours later heard gunfire from the drifter line guarding the Dover anti-U-boat net and mine barrage. A German destroyer raid was in progress, part of a force of two and a half flotillas attacking the drifters, patrolling destroyers and any other Allied shipping . "HMS Flirt" came across drifter "Waveney II" on fire and lowered a boat to render assistance. In the early hours of the 27th, on a very dark, overcast night, enemy destroyers appeared, and opened fire sinking her with all hands, except for the boatís crew who survived. Some sources credit "Flirtís" loss to a torpedo. A total of six drifters were sunk and destroyer "Nubian" torpedoed and damaged that night.

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