HMS Hindustan

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1921

Built John Brown, Clydebank, laid down October 1902, completed July 1905, cost 1,450,652.

Armament: Four 4inch guns in pairs, four 9.2 inch guns in singles, ten 6 inch guns in pairs, fourteen 12 pdr guns, fourteen 3 pdr guns, two maxims and five torpedo tubes. Displacement: 16,350 tons. Speed: 18 knots. Complement: 777

Service History:

3rd Battle Squadron Grant Fleet.
November 1914 detached to reinforce Channel Fleet then returned to Grand Fleet.
29 April 1916 3rd Battle Squadron transferred to Sheerness under Nore Command.
February-May 1918 depot ship for Zeebrugge and Ostend raids.
May 1918 accidentally collided with destroyer HMS Wrestler.
15 May 1918 paid off into reserve.
1921 sold for scrap.

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Postally used 16 Jun 1917.
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