HMS Kent

The Ship

Sold for Scrap June 1920

HMS Kent, armoured cruiser of the Monmouth Class, launched 6th March 1901 and served in the China Station 1906 -1913. At the outbreak of World War One she was sent to the Falklands and took part in the Battle of the Falklands, 8th December 1914, sinking the German light cruiser, Nurnberg. HMS Kent returned in May 1915 and was sent to Vladivostok in January 1919 to support American and Japanese operations against the Bolshevik Red Army. Finally broken up in June 1920.

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Series number: 188


Not postally used. A nice card showing the history of previous HMS Kents.
Postcard series: A J Wragg


Postally used 10 Oct 1905.
Postcard series: Empire
Series number: 188


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