SM Linienschiff Westfalen

The Ship

Scrapped 1924

WESTFALEN was built by A G Weser at Bremen and launched on the 1st of July 1908. She saw her first action at The Battle of Jutland, where she received shell damage, and on the 19th August 1916, she was torpedoed amidships by Royal navy Submarine E23 in the North Sea. She took on over 800 tons of water and, although sagging at the bulkheads, she managed to get back to harbour at 14 knots. The Westfalen became a gunnery training ship on the 1st September 1918, surrendering to Britain on the 5th August 1920. She was scrapped at Birkenhead in 1924.

My Postcards

Postally used 24 Aug 1919.
Postcard series: Gebr. Lempe, Keil
Postcard number: 20143


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