HMS Prince George


The Ship

Foundered 1921

HMS Prince George Majestic Class battleship of the Royal Navy served with the Channel Squadron until 1906 after which she transferred to the Home Fleet as Flagship until 1909. She collided with HMS Shannon in December 1909 and was later refitted. In June 1912 became part of the 7th Battle Squadron. She became flagship to the 7th Battle Squadron stationed in the Channel in 1914 and later served at the Dardanelle's Campaign taking damage from Turkish gunfire. Prince George had a lucky escape when a torpedo which failed to explode struck her off Cape Helles. She was briefly renamed Victorious II in 1918 until February 1919, and floundered in 1921.

Armament: four 12 inch guns, twelve 6 inch guns, sixteen 12 pdr guns, twelve 3 pdr guns, 2 maxims, two 2pdr boat guns and five torpedo tubes. Displacement: 14,900 tons. Speed: 16.5 knots. Complement: 757.

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