HMS Hercules

The Ship

Scrapped 1922

Hercules was a Colossus-class battleship built by Palmers, launched on May 10, 1910, and commissioned on July 31, 1911 at Portsmouth. She was a 20,000-ton dreadnought, mounting 10 12-inch guns and capable of 21 knots. She was the flagship for the 2nd Division Home Fleet and from July 1912 to March 1913 she was the flagship of the 2nd Battle Squadron. On March 22, 1913 she collided with a steamer. In August 1914 she joined the Grand Fleet and fought with the 6th Division at the Battle of Jutland. It was HMS Hercules which brought the Allied Armistice Commission to Kiel on December 3, 1918. In February 1919 she was placed in the reserve fleet, and was scrapped at Kiel in 1922.

Displacement: 20,600 tons. Speed: 21 knots. Armament: Ten 12 inch guns in pairs, twenty 4 inch guns, four 3pdr guns, three 21 inch guns and 2 torpedo tubes. Compliment: 755.

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