HMS Monarch

The Ship

Sunk as Target 1925

Built Armstrong, laid down April 1910, completed February 1912, cost 1,888,736.

Length 576 feet waterline 581 feet overall, beam 88 feet 6 inches, draught 27 feet 6 inches normal, displacement 20,797 tons light 27,120 tons deep.

4 shaft Parsons turbines, 27,000 shp, 21kts.

Orion 30,112 shp = 21.05 knots
Conqueror 33,198 shp = 22.13 knots
Monarch 32,277 shp = 21.88 knots.
Thunderer 27,427 shp = 20.79 knots

12-8in belt, 10-3in barbettes, 11in turret faces, 4-1in decks

10 x 13.5in 45cal MK V (5 x 2), 16 x 4in (16 x 1), 4 x 3 pounder (4 x 1), 3 x 21in TT

The first of the so called "super Dreadnoughts". Huge improvement in main armament with an all centreline armament and the introduction of the powerful 13.5 inch gun. In expectation that foreign navies would also increase the firepower of future ships the armour was much improved both in terms of thickness and in the area covered. Crew 754.

2nd Battle Squadron The Grand Fleet.
8 August 1914 unsuccessfully attacked by U15 off Fair Isle.
27 December 1914 rammed form behind by HMS Conqueror.
20 January 1915 rejoined Grand Fleet after repairs at Scapa Flow and Devonport.
Present at The Battle of Jutland in 1916. Fired 53 13.5in rounds. Received no damage.
1925 sunk as target.

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