HMS Bellerophon

The Ship

Sold for Scrap November 1921

Built Portsmouth Dockyard, laid down December 1906, completed February 1909, cost 1,763,491.

Length 522 feet waterline 526 feet overall, beam 82 feet 6 inches, draught 31 feet 5 inches, displacement 18,596 load22,540 tons deep.

4 shaft Parsons turbines, 23,000 shp, 21kts

25,061 shp = 21.25 knots

10-5in belt, 9-5in barbettes, 11in turret faces, 3-0.5in decks

10 x 12in 45cal MK X (5 x 2), 16 x 4in (16 x 1), 4 x 3 pounder (4 x 1), 3 x 18in TT


August 1914 1st then 4th Battle Squadron The Grand Fleet.
27 August 1914 collided with SS St Clair off the Orkney Islands, no significant damage sustained.
May 1915 refit at Devonport.
Present at The Battle of Jutland 1916. Fired 62 12in rounds and received no damage.
June-September 1917 served as second flagship 4th Battle Squadron whilst HMS Colossus in refit.
November 1921 sold for scrap.

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Postally used 29 July 1913.
Postcard series: Tuck's, Photogravure - Our Ironclads
Series number: II
Postcard number: 4301


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Postcard series: Boots The Chemist, Pelham Series
Series number: Our Navy



Postally used 15 Mar 1910.
Postcard series: C W Faulkner Ltd
Series number: 894


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Postcard series: Ettlingers, New Art
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