HMS Forte

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1914

HMS Forte, built by Chatham Dockyard, launched 9/12/1893.

Royal naval second class cruiser of the Astraea Class. HMS Astraea, HMS Bonaventure, HMS Cambrian, HMS Charybdis, HMS Flora, HMS Forte, HMS Fox and HMS Hermione. These second class cruisers were built in the early 1890's at Devonport, Pembroke, Sheerness and Chatham dockyards.

Sold for breaking up in Holland,2/4/1914.

Displacement: 4,360 tons. I.H.P: 7,500 Length: 320 feet. Beam: 49 ft 6 ins. Depth: 19 ft. Speed: 18 - 19.5 knots. Complement: 318. Armament: Two 6 in quick firing guns, eight 4.7 in quick firing guns, ten 6 pdr quick firers, one 3pdr quick firer and four 18 in torpedo tubes.

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