HMS Effingham

The Ship

Grounded then destoyed to prevent capture 21 May 1940

HMS Effingham, built by Portsmouth Dockyard,launched 8/6/1921.Wrecked,18/5/1940 between Harstad and Bodo, Norway;wreck destroyed,21/5/1940.

In 1937 HMS Effingham was extensively refitted and re-armed as a light cruiser. Her 7.5-inch guns were replaced by nine 6-inch and her single 4-inch AA guns by twin mountings. Her two funnels were replaced by one, unraked, to give her an appearance markedly similar to that of the later Leander class.

HMS Effingham (Capt J.M. Howson R.N.) was grounded and wrecked near Bodo, northern Norway between Briksvaer and Terra islands on 18 May 1940. She was declared a total loss. The ships crew was taken off by HMS Cairo, HMS Coventry, HMS Echo and HMS Matabele. She was finally destroyed by gunfire to prevent her capture by the Germans on 21 May 1940.

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