HMS Wallace

The Ship

In collision and then sold for scrap 16 March 1945

HMS Wallace, built by Thorneycroft, launched 26/10/1918. Baltic operations in against Bolsheviks, 1918-19.Reconstructed as Fast Escort, reconstruction completed on 14 June 1939. Sold for breaking up at Dunston,20/3/1945.

HMS Wallace served mainly on British east coast escorting coastal convoy's except for a brief period in 1943 when she went to the Mediterranean for the invasion of Sicily. On 16 March 1945 she collided with HMS Farndale off the Humber and considered not worth repairing she was paid off. Being sold to be broken up for scrap 4 days later.

Displacement : 1554t Speed 36kts Complement : 183 Armament : Five 4.7in. BL MkI, One 3in AA, Two 2pdr pom poms, Six 21in. TT

HMS Wallace, HMS Keppel,and HMS Broke (ex - Rooke) had the following specifications during World War Two : Displacement : 1480t, Speed : 36˝kts, Complement : 164, Armament : Two 4.7in. One 3in. AA Broke 2/ Keppel 4 20mm AA guns; Six 21in TT; One ATW except Wallace Four 4in. AA, Four 2pdr AA, Two 20mm AA, Eight 5in. AA guns

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