HMS Liverpool

Light Cruiser

The Ship

HMS Liverpool was built by Vickers, launched 30th October 1909 and completed October 1910. HMS Liverpool joined the 1st Battle Squadron Home Fleet after completion in 1913 she joined the 2nd Light Cruiser Squadron until the outbreak of world war one where she joined the 5th cruiser squadron, on 26th august 1914 she took part in The Battle of Heligoland Bight she had a crew member killed by flying fragments when the mined battleship Audacious finally blew up on the 27th October 1914. HMS Liverpool had condenser trouble which had her being refitted for four weeks after which she joined the 2nd Light Cruiser squadron, from End of November till end of January 1915. There after she joined the 3rd Light Cruiser squadron at Rosyth.

While serving with this squadron she took part in the search for the German ship Kronprinz Wilhelm off the West African coast. In June 1915 she underwent Boiler repairs at Liverpool and after repairs in November 1915 she went to Brindiso until January 1918 when she joined the Aegean Squadron. In November she passed through the Dardanelle's after the armistice, and took part in the Black sea operations in 1918 - 1919. Returning to Britain to go into reserve at Devonport she was put on Disposal List in 1920 and finally sold to the breakers in May 1921

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