HMS Gloucester

The Ship

HMS Gloucester,built by Beardmore and launched 28th October 1909 and completed October 1910. she joined the 1st battle squadron of the Home Fleet on completion and then was re-commissioned into the 2nd Light Cruiser squadron in the Mediterranean in January 1913. On the outbreak of the world war one she chased the German Ships Goeben and Breslau, and also took part in the search for the Emden in November 1914 but returned to the Mediterranean and the send of November 1914. Was to re join the 2nd Light Cruiser squadron of the Home fleet but re directed to the coast of Africa in the search for the German AMC Kronprinz Wilhelm. Joined the 32nd Light Cruiser squadron in February 1915 and captured the German Supply ship Macedonia a few days later.

During the Irish Easter Rising she shelled Galway in April 1916. She then joined the 2nd light Cruiser squadron just before Jutland. From December 1916 until the end of the first world war she spent the time in the Adriatic with the 8th Light Cruiser Squadron except for a short period where she joined the east Indies Station in April 1917. Came back to Britain to be paid of at Devonport in April 1919 and in March 1920 put on the disposal list and sold to the breakers in May 1921.

HMS Gloucester, War Service,

2nd Light Cruiser Squadron Mediterranean.

August 1914: Involved in hunt for SMS Goeben and Breslau.

1914: Hunt for German raiders off West coast of Africa.

February 1915: 3rd Light Cruiser Squadron The Grand Fleet.

April 1916: shelled Galway during Easter Uprising.

31 May-1 June 1916 : Took part in The Battle of Jutland .

1916: 2nd Light Cruiser Squadron Grand Fleet.

December 1916: 8th Light Cruiser Squadron Adriatic.

1921: sold for scrap.

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