HMS Eagle

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HMS Eagle was built at Clydebank, and was launched on the 8th of June 1918, a former Battleship construction suspended in 1914. During world war two HMS Eagle served off China in 1939, East Indies 1939 - 1940, in the Mediterranean in 1940 - 1941, in the South Atlantic 1941 - 1942 and Force H in 1942. She was sunk by U-73, North of Algiers on the 11th August 1942.

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A Detaied cahrt of cruises carried out by HMS Eagle during Mediteranean Commision October 1926 - April 1929. Shows aircraft carried on HMS Eagle, a Blackburn Dart Torpedo Carrier, a Fairey Firecatcher Fighter Machine and an Avro Bison Fleet Reconnaissance Machine.


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