HMS Warrior


The Ship

Foundered and sank - Battle of Jutland 1 June 1916

Built at Pembroke Dockyard and launched on the 25th of November 1905 and completed on the 12th of December 1906, she joined the 5th Cruiser squadron, transferring to the 2nd cruiser squadron in 1909 until 1913. She went to the Mediterranean Fleet in 1913 to join the 1st cruiser squadron until August 1914 when she was sent to the Adriatic to help prevent the break out of the Goeben the German battle cruiser. Returned to Egypt to defend the Suez Canal. HMS Warrior went to Gibraltar and Sierra Leon before joining the The Grand Fleet in December 1914. She took part in The Battle of Jutland and was badly damaged by German gunfire. She was so badly damaged that she was taken in tow by HMS Engadine (seaplane Tender ) on the 31st May but foundered and sank on the 1st of June 1916.

HMS Warrior,War Service,

1st Cruiser Squadron Mediterranean Fleet.

August 1914: involved in hunt for SMS Goeben and Breslau.

November 1914: Sierra Leone.

December 1914: onwards 2nd Cruiser Squadron Grand Fleet.

1 June 1916 Sunk at the Battle of Jutland

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