HMS Wryneck

The Ship

HMS WRYNECK, built by Palmers,launched, 13/5/1918, attacked by German Stuka aircraft and sunk off Nauplia, Greece,April 27, 1941. She was helping in the evacuation of troops from Greece, and in the process had picked up, with the help of another destroyer, HMS Diamond, around 700 troops and crew from the 11,600 ton Dutch liner 'Slamat' now converted as a troopship and under British control, which had been attacked and damaged earlier.

The HMS Wryneck and HMS Diamond were both sunk in the attack with the loss of nearly both their crews and all the survivors of the Slamat. The Wryneck lost seven officers and 98 ratings, the Diamond lost seven officers and 141 ratings.

Of approximately 950 troops and crews of both ships, only one officer, fourteen naval ratings and eight soldiers were rescued.

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