HMS Barfleur

The Ship

Sold for Scrap July 1910

HMS Barfleur was built at Chatham Dockyard, launched 10/8/1892 and completed in 1894. This ship was built specifically to be able to operate in Asia. Firstly to combat the perceived threat of Russia and secondly she had a shallow draught so that she could navigate China's rivers. HMS Barfleur was part of the Mediterranean Squadron in 1896. She was eventually sold for breaking on 12/7/1910.

Displacement: 10,500 tons. IHP: 13,163. Length: 360 ft. Beam: 70 ft. Draught 25 ft 6 ins. original maximum speed 18.7 knots. Compliment: 606

Armament: Four 29 ton guns. Ten 4.7 inch guns. Eight 6 pounder guns and twelve 3 pounder quick-firers with a partial belt of armour of 12ins thick.

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Postally used 3 December 1908.


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