HMS Black Prince


The Ship

Battle of Jutland - came under fire and sank 1 June 1916

Built Thames Iron Works, laid down February 1903, completed March 1906.

Average coast: 1,150,000.

Length 480 feet pp 505 feet 6 inches overall, beam 73 feet 6 inches, draught 26 feet, displacement 13,550 tons load.

2 shaft triple expansion engines, 23,000 ihp, 23 knots

Black Prince 23,939 ihp = 23.66 knots

6-3in belt, 6in barbettes, 7.5in turret faces, 1.5-0.5in decks

6 x 9.2in Mk IX (6 x 1), 10 x 6in Mk XI (10 x 1), 22 x 3pounder (22 x 1), 3 x 18in TT

World War 1 Service:

1st Cruiser Squadron Mediterranean Fleet.
August 1914 involved in hunt for SMS Goeben and Breslau.
August 1914 Captured a German merchant ship in the Red Sea.
November 1914 Gibraltar.
December 1914 onwards 1st Cruiser Squadron The Grand Fleet.
1 June 1916 Sunk at The Battle of Jutland.

My Postcards

Postally used 26 April 1919 - 3 years after the ship was sunk at the Battle of Jutland.
Postcard series: War Photogravure Publications
Postcard number: 21


Not postally used.
Postcard series: Bells' Westcliff, Bell Series of Real Photos in Silver Print


Not postally used but does have a message written on the reverse, dated May 1915.


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