Winchester Castle

The Ship

Scrapped 1960

The Winchester Castle (20,109 grt, 657 ft. long) entered service on the mail run in October 1930 followed a few months later by her sister the Warwick Castle (20,445 grt, 677 ft. long). Both ships, together with the earlier but similar Carnarvon Castle were rebuilt with one funnel during 1938. Serving as troop transports, the Warwick Castle was sunk by a German submarine in 1942, whereas the Winchester Castle survived to resume service on the mail run until broken up in 1960.

My Postcards

Paquebot 12 March 1954 from South Africa to Scotland.


Postally used 11 Feb 1940. NOte on this postcard the Winchester Castle has only one funnel.
Postcard series: E.A. Sweetman & Sons Ltd, Sologlaze
Postcard number: 7112


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