HMS Centurion

The Ship

Run aground as a breakwater at Normandy 9 June 1944


HMS Centurion,built by Devonport Dockyard,launched 18/11/1911.Converted to a target ship at Chatham,1926;rated escort ship,1940.Sunk as a breakwater at Arromanches,9/6/1944.

HMS Centurion was converted to a remote controlled target ship from April 1925 to June 1927. At the outbreak of the second world war she became a repair ship, then a dummy battleship (disguised as HMS Anson) in June 1942. She was eventually broken up in 1945 after being run aground as a breakwater at Normandy on 9th June 1944.

Displacement: 23,400 Speed: 21.0 knots Compliment: 870 and up to 1,110 in 1916 Armament: Ten 13.5-inch guns in pairs and sixteen 4 -inch guns (twelve 4-inch guns after 1917). Two 3 inch Anti Aircraft Gun replaced with 4-inch anti aircraft gun from 1917.

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