HMS Adventure

Mine Laying Cruiser

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1947

HMS Adventure was built at Devonport Dockyard and launched 18/6/1924.

During the night of 12/13 November 1939 the German destroyers Karl Galster, Wilhelm Heidkamp, Hermann Kunne and Hans Ludemann lay a minefield in the South and Edinborough channels. Soon after the minefield had been laid the minelaying cruiser HMS Adventure (Capt. A. R. Halfhide, RN) ran into a mine. Temporally disabled the injured were transferred to the destroyer HMS Basilisk (Cdr. M. Richard, RN) while the destroyer HMS Blanche (Lt.Cdr. R.N. Aubrey, RN) stood by. As the force made its way towards safety HMS Blanche was mined and settled by the stern. The tug Fabia went to the destroyers assistance but as she was towed the destroyer capsied and sank. HMS Blanche lost two crew killed and twelve injured.

HMS Adventure was reconstructed as a repair ship in Mar 1944 and was eventually sold for breaking up at Briton Ferry on 10 Jul 1947.

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