HMS Crescent

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1921

HMS Crescent, built by Portsmouth Dockyard, launched 30/3/1892. Sold for breaking up in Germany, 22/9/1921.

In 1896 she carried the flag of Vice-Admiral James E Erskine, served in the Cape and West African Station, returning in 1907. She joined the Home Fleet 4th Cruiser Squadron 1909-1913, in February 1913 she joined the training squadron in Queenstown. At the outbreak of World War I, she joined the 10th Cruiser Squadron Aug 1914- Feb 1915.

Disarmed in November 1915 she became a depot ship attached to The Grand Fleet. Finally broken up September 1921.

Displacement: 7,700 tons. Horse power: 12,000. Length 360ft. Beam: 60' 8". Draught: 23' 9". Armament: two 22 ton guns. ( protected by steel shields) Speed:19.7 knots.

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