HMS Agamemnon 1877-1903

The Ship

Scrapped 1903

HMS Agamemnon was built at Chatham Dockyard and laid down on the 9th May 1877 , launched 17th September 1879 and completed on the 29th march 1883, and finally broken up in Germany in 1903.

Planned with the possible employment against Russia in the Baltic or the Black Sea, these smaller but similar Turret Ships to HMS Inflexible had a shallow draught. These were unsatisfactory ships and probably built with economics in mind more than naval usefulness.

HMS Agamemnon and HMS Ajax were the last major British ships to have Muzzle loading main armament but the first to have secondary armament, both being equipped with two six inch breach loading guns. these 6 inch guns were replace din in 1897 with 6 inch Quick Firing guns.

Both of these ships were designed without a sailing rig compared to HMS Inflexible which was. Major problems arose at high speed as they were difficult to keep on course which made them dangerous. Some modification were made increasing the length of the stern but this did not help the situation, both ships were poor sea boats and during bad weather became very wet and uncomfortable for the crew.

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