HMS Royal Oak 1892-1914

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1914

HMS Royal Oak, built by Laird, launched 5/11/1892. Sold for breaking up at Briton Ferry,14/1/1914.

HMS Royal Oak, commissioned at Portsmouth in January 1896. HMS Royal Oak was the only ship of the class (the others being HMS Royal Sovereign, Empress of India, Repulse, Ramillies, Resolution and Revenge) not to have been fitted with steam pipes abaft the Funnels, this made her easily distinguished from the sister ships. In her final years she served in home waters finally being scrapped 14th January 1914.

Displacement: 14,150 tons. Horse power: 13,000. Length: 380 ft. Beam: 75ft. Draught: 27' 6". Armament: four 67 ton in two armoured barbettes. Partial belt of 18 inch thick armour. Speed 18.2 knots.

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