HMS Valiant


The Ship

Scrapped 1950

HMS Valiant was built by Fairfield Ship Builders and launched 4th November 1914. She took part at the battle of Jutland and was not hit. During World War Two, HMS Valiant was badly damaged by delayed action mines, set by Italian Frogmen at Alexandria. She made her way to Durdan, South Africa for repairs.

HMS Valiant joined the British Eastern Fleet in January 1944 and took part in carrier raids against Japanese bases in Indonesia. HMS Valiant was badly damaged during refit in a floating dock at Trincomalee, Ceylon, so bad was the damage that repairs were stopped, and she was used as a training hulk for stockers at Devonport.

She was scrapped at Cairnryan and Troon between November 1948 and march 1950.

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