HMS Bristol

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1921

HMS Bristol, built by John Brown, launched 23/2/1910.

HMS Bristol,completed in December 1910,she joined the 2nd battle Squadron of the home Fleet. On the 22nd December 1912 she ran aground in Plymouth Sound. In January 1913 she joined the 2nd Fleet and again moving to the 2nd Light Cruiser squadron in July 1913.

In 1914 she joined the 5th Cruiser Squadron. At the outbreak of World war One she joined the 4th cruiser squadron and was sent to the west Indies. Engaged briefly the Karlsruhe on 6th August 1914. Joined the squadron based in the Falklands under Admiral Stoddart at Port Stanley. Left Port Stanley to join the battle of the Falkland Islands but along with AMC Macedonia captured German Colliers. In December 1914 she took part in the hunt for the Dresden. After which she went to the Mediterranean and Adriatic in 1916 - 1917. In 1918 she again re joined the squadron in the South American station.

Finally returning to Portsmouth the be paid off in June 1919, put on sales list in 1920 and sold to the breakers in May 1921.

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