HMS Swift

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1921

HMS Swift, built by Cammell Laird,launched 7/12/1907.

HMS Swift, was a unique and bizarre product of Jackie Fisher's desire for exceptionally high speeds. At 2,390 tons displacement, she was many times larger than contemporary RN destroyers, which ranged from 400 to 1,000 tons. She was capable of remarkable 35 knots (nearly 10 knots more than many contemporaries), but even higher speeds had been hoped for. In appearance, she is cruiser-like, and her profile is dominated by the three massive funnels; internally, she was dominated by the massive and complex steam plant needed to achieve such high speeds.

The ship proved less than satisfactory in service. She was too weak for service in northern waters, her bridge was too flimsy, and she was quite wet. During WWI her bridge was enlarged and improved, and she was partially rearmed. She was discarded after the war in 1921.

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