HM Submarine A1


The Ship

Rammed and Sunk 18 March 1904

This, the submarine A1, although based on the Holland Class was of all British design (Capt Bacon, Inspecting Captain of Submarines, and Vickers, Sons and Maxim). She was 40 feet longer than the Holland's, and, at 207 tons, of about two-thirds more displacement. Power was also increased.

HMS/M A1 became the Royal Navy's first submarine casualty, being rammed whilst on exercise in the Eastern Solent by the mail steamer Berwick Castle. She sank in only 39 feet of water, with the loss of all hands. She was struck on the starboard side, near the conning tower, which led to the fitting of a second watertight hatch at the bottom of conning towers as an additional safety measure. In April 1904, she was raised and re-commissioned.

Since that Friday in 1904, more than 5,000 Royal Navy submariners have perished.

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